The New Zion Temple Church Of God In Christ (C.O.G.I.C.) had its beginning in the early 1900's .  The records show that in 1910 a revival was conducted by Bishop Justus Bowe and was attended by the finder of C.O.G.I.C. Bishop Charles Harrison Mason. 
Bishop Mason lived in Plumerville, AR.  In that revival souls were saved and among the converts was a 10-year-old girl named
Josephine Burgess.She remained a member for eighty-six years.Some of the charter members were Mr. Isaac Fortune and his wife along with Mr. and Mrs.James Burgess.
The land on which the church is currently located was purchased from Bishop Justus Bowe and his wife in the 1920's. The church was built and called The Sanctified Church, later named Zion Temple C.O.G.I.C. the church has only had four Pastors: Bishop Justus Bowe, Elder Joe Burgess Superintendent John W. Rogers and Bishop Frank Anderson, Jr.
The Church was remolded and bricked in 1974 by the present Pastor, Bishop Frank Anderson jr. Due to the growth of the church, Bishop Anderson added an addition in 1980. Bishop Frank Anderson, Jr has been pastor for over 49 years. Even so come .....Jesus.
The New Zion Temple C.OG.I.C., formerly known as Zion Temple C.OG.I.C. name was changed in 2016. This name change helped to distinguish Zion Temple according to the Secretary of State,from other Zion Temples in Arkansas. 


The Brotherhood Ministry involves men of all ages in ministry. In ministry , men are valued and used by God. The main purpose of the ministry focuses on; fellowship, educating, sharing God’s word, training boys and young men to be Godly men and spiritual fathers who are committed to God and their families.

Children's Church

Mission: To help children worship God in age appropriate way;to prepare children what is happening during Church service, building their understanding of the Bible.

Couples Ministry

Mission: meet the needs of married couples spiritually,socially, culturally, intellectually, and financially. Goals: 1 To become better men and women of God 2. To become better husbands and wives 3. To become better parents 4. To provide nurturing and support to be married couples and families. 5. To build a relationship with God as one unit husband and wife. 6. To create and environment for married couples to fellowship with each other spiritually, socially and mentally.

Deacon Board

* Deacons are scripturally qualified men who are men who are chosen by the church from among its membership and appointed by the pastor to serve specific needs within the church that would otherwise distract pastor from prayer and the ministry of the word. 
* Assistance with offerings and the finance  department
* Assistance with church ordinances and security
* Be available  to teach ,pray, and provide service when needed  
*Prepare and serve the ordinance to members of New Zion Temple who are unable to attend worship services.
* Coordinate the welcoming , orientation , and follow-up for new disciples and to assist with their assimilation .
* Provide guidance and assistance for ministries for which are responsible .
* Care of the Sick and Poor-relieving the poor and aiding  aiding the unfortunate . 


The greeting & Welcoming ministry has vital responsibilities such as ; Opening the doors for incoming and outgoing members and guests, making sure visitor information response card, being aware and making themselves available to people needing special assistance, keeping entrance clean,keeping traffic flowing through entrance.

Information Techs/ Facebook Website

Media ministers work behind the scene to make possible to share the message of church with large groups of people through amplified sound, recordings, PowerPoint presentation, web page and other forms of communication.

Missionary Circle

This is a group of women who have accepted the call on their lives from God to work in his vineyard as a Missionary. Responsibilities *Teach with the ministries of the Church. *Visit the sick and shut in, hospitals. * Collaborate with the hospitality benevolence and bereavement teams in preparing meals for any Church family that experience a death or other tragedy.

Mother's Board

The Mothers play a very important role in the church.The Scripture declares that it is proper for the elder women to teach and train the younger women in the church (Titus 2:2-5). These women should be mature, spirit filled and full of GODLY wisdom. they are apt to teach and instruct the younger women in the ways of Christ.
1. Mentor other women within the congregation who may be dealing with personal, spiritual or physical problems.
 2.Offers support to the pastor and his staff.
3. Meets regularly to discuss its role within the church and to offer support and encouragement to one another.
4.Collaborate with the youth department to plan family-friendly and children's activities such as a back-to-school party or family luncheons etc.
5.Fellowshipping togther in the lord to enjoy food, sports, outings etc.
6.Ordinances of Communion Every First Sunday unles otherwise designated.
7. Ordinance of Water Baptism - Interview women candidates and inform them on manner of dress.
8. Visit sick and shut-ins.
9.Attend the auxiliary meetings (at least one mother) 

New Member Class

A new member class is often made up of a small group of people and connection is another important outcome of membership classes, Take time to help people feel comfortable and start with a introduction of ice breaker.

Nurses Guild / medical

The nurse’s guild is a vital unit . This guild is staffed with competent persons including Registered Nurses(RN) and/Or Licensed Practice Nurses (LPN) . They serve at all regularly scheduled services and all special meetings. They also accompany the Pastor during any speaking meetings. In addition they serve the ministerial staff including visiting clergy.

Prayer & Bible Band

The Prayer and Bible Band is to encourage individuals and families to build their spiritual lives through the study of God’s word. *Teach God’s Word for the edification of the saints as we all come to the unity of the faith. * To encourage the believers in their fight for deliverance, salvation and healing of themselves. * To learn in a practical way by speaking forth the word of God in discussion, object lessons or message. * To provide weekly lessons and questions to the classroom. * To make sure teachers are well equipped and prepared to teach.

Purity Image


To provide a wholesome environment for youth development and well rounded and balanced individuals whose lives are dedicated to living a saved and sanctified life style.

Sick and Shut In

The sick and shut in ministry is designed to assist the spiritual needs of those who are home bound, in the hospital and sick and shut in.

Single Ministry

To help single Christian adults grow in their spiritual, social and personal lives and to minister to the needs of all singles. Responsibilities * To establish and promote and information resource/sharing networking of like minded singles. * To provide a social link for singles to gather in fellowship. * To enjoy activities the help singles to better understand being single.

Sunday School

The Sunday school education department is a comprehensive study of the Bible. This department teaches the Bible to the students,promotes Christian fellowship, evangelized and show God’s word and love for others.

Sunshine Band

The Sunshine Band is an auxiliary of the Women's Department of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. It was organized by the founder Bishop Charles H. Mason in 1911 for the purpose of ministering to and nurturing our children ages 12 and under. The first International Sunshine Band President was Mrs. Lydia E. Hinsley. Upon her death the torch was passed to her granddaughter, Dr. Lytia R. Howard who is the current president.
The Sunshine Band currently has chapters across denominational lines is located throughout the United States. The Sunshine Band is a children's ministry that encompasses ages up to 12 years old. We have three levels of sun shiners: Sunbeams (ages 1-5), Sunrays (ages 6-8) and Illuminators (ages 9-12). Each age group have their own special needs and its our endeavor to meet those needs.
Our Purpose: Our primary focus is to teach and save our children by keeping them involved in meaningful and wholesome activities. We also try to build a partnership between the home and the church to provide a spiritual foundation for each child.
THE MOTTO and THEME SONGNational Sunshine Band Motto (For Children) "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father, which is in heaven." Matthew 5:16 - KJVTheme Song for Children "Let Your Light So Shine"National Sunshine Band Motto (Adult Presidents) "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6 - KJVNational Theme Song for Adults "Bring Them In"
What we do Through Bible Study, Arts and Crafts, Music, Drama and Field Trips, the Sunshine Band accomplishes the following:

Usher Board

*Ushers direct traffic in the Church. When visitors arrive , they direct them when they can enter the sanctuary to avoid      interrupting the service. They keep track of available seats and guide attendees to them. 
* Ushers encourage fellowship among churchgoers,providing information about the church to visitors , and extending and invitation to join.
* Ushers collect the money offerings
* Ushers ensure that all visitors have a opportunity to hear and enjoy the sermon without distractions. They may ask disruptive visitor to step outside of sanctuary or direct a mother with a crying child to a special area for babies .
*  Ushers often prepare the church for services and special events, ensuring that ample bibles and hymnals are available for congregation use.  

Women's Ministry

Women's Affairs's coordinated all activities for the women of the New Zion Temple . Also Coordinates the activities for annual women day . All female members are automatically members of this group.
our purpose is to go back to the basics according to Titus 2:3-5 by providing teaching,training, fellowship and activities that will minister to the total woman of all ages.  

Young Men Of Valor

Mission is to develop young men to be distinctively “ Valiant” exhibiting a lifestyle of holiness and excellence, by equipping them with sound biblical and spiritual development.

Young Women Christian Council (YWCC)

The young Women’s Christian Council is a organization of young women. 18-45 married or single, whose prime purpose is to dedicate themselves to give greater Christian service. This is the training and development center for the Women’s Work in the Church of God In Christ. They are, but not limited to the following; * Trained to be auxiliary leaders, Prayer warriors, good homemakers, lovers of their own husband, ministers wives, missionary, evangelist and mighty women of Zion. Responsibilities * To get young women to find interest in the Word of God and apply Bible Truths to their lives. *. To embrace women in a Christian fellowship of building and sharing relationships that reach beyond physical food and socializing together, manifesting into spiritual food and blissful joy. * To instruct , develop , and assist young women in outreach and evangelism as we are committed to active ministry both internally and externally for the sanctifying , unifying and edifying of the body of Christ to the glory of God. * To become familiar with the basic doctrine, principles, and practices of the Church of God in Christ. *To be knowledgeable of the steps of soul winning with scriptural references. * To offer support , counseling, and Prayer to single and/divorced young women in every area of their life. * To inspire and encourage young women to reaffirm their commitment to Christ.

Young Women Of Excellence

Young women of Excellence is a auxiliary that develops young women ages 13-21 into powerful feminine warriors, amazingly shaped to impactful the nation as a royal ,shinning light, up- building the kingdom of God. This program F.O.C.U.S. on etiquette,effective communication, financial literacy, education, spiritual maturity, economic advancement.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Department of the Church of God in Christ will perpetuate an equipping ministry of excellence to prepare our youth for worldwide ministry.

YPWW ( Young People Willing Workers)

Our mission is to enhance today’s youth for Christ and provide tools and training for personal attainment of natural and spiritual excellence.our vision is to develop spiritual young people. YPWW vision is to challenge their minds, building integrity,motivate them to pursue and achieve academic excellence.